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Lepak Dress Crinkle

Lepak Dress Crinkle

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Lepak Dress Crinkle with attached Khimar

Lepak Dress Crinkle with attached khimar is made from crinkle material with ruffles smocking sleeves for ease of wear. Ironless and fuss free for casual days at home. It comes with an attached khimar and a separate purdah. 

Size L

  • PTP : 90cm
  • Sleeves Length : 75cm
  • Length : 132cm
  • Front hidden zip : 20cm

Size XXL

  • PTP : 99cm
  • Sleeves Length : 75cm
  • Length : 138cm
  • Front hidden zip : 20cm


  • Front length: 79cm
  • Back length: 103cm
  • Face circumference: 58cm


**Note: Please allow 1-2cm difference in measurement, due to manual cutting of the materials. Colours may differ in person due to different resolution of individual's screen/monitor. 

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